About Us

Roads Australia is a not-for-profit, non-political industry association, the members of which are drawn from all corners of the Australian road sector.

Roads Australia champions the interest of a vital national asset - Australia's road transport system - and provides a forum for policy development, networking and communication.

Specifically, it seeks to draw attention to the importance of our road network to the economic and social fabric of the nation, and to ensure that information and decision-making in relation to roads and road transport is well informed and reflects an appropriate level of priorities.

Roads Australia does not, however, engage in lobbying activities within the province of its individual stakeholders, nor does it adopt political positions.

Rather, it provides a forum in which all participants - industry and government - can come together and work co-operatively and effectively in the development of public policy.

Roads Australia represents the International Road Federation (IRF) in Australia and is represented on the World Executive Board of the IRF by our current President, David Stuart-Watt.

Roads Australia and its members also regularly participate in international delegations, including the Austroads-led delegation to the World Road Association world meeting, held every four years.


Roads Australia has its origins in the Australian Road Federation and the Australian Road Forum, which together have represented the industry since 1952.

In 2005, as the Australian Road Forum, the organisation was officially recognised by the then Federal Minister for Roads as the national peak body of road transport stakeholders.

In 2008 the organisation was relaunched by Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister, Anthony Albanese, as Roads Australia - a name that bettrer reflects our province as the road industry's national stakeholder group.


 See Membership for information on how to become a member, including details on the important role that Roads Australia plays as a forum for existing industry associations.