Why roads australia?

Australia's road transport system is of critical importance, yet its key stakeholders have traditionally worked in different silos.

In 2003 a group of industry leaders decided Australia's road transport system needed a forum in which all sectors, including commercial, public sector and the community, could come together.

Today, Roads Australia (RA) is that forum.

RA functions, in effect, as a college of industry leaders, providing its members with the opportunity to network and engage in policy exchange at the highest level.

RA is unique among industry associations in the breadth and reach of its membership.  It includes all the state road agencies, as well as the major constructors, consultants, materials and equipment suppliers, service providers, other key industry associations, and representatives of the freight sector, motoring associations and the union movement.

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Member Events

The premier event on the industry calendar is RA's two-day annual Summit and John Shaw Medal Dinner in Sydney.  In addition, one-day 'state-of-the-nation' Forums are held in Brisbane and Melbourne each year.

On top of these, Roads Australia convenes regular industry lunches in all states. Guest speakers typically include ministers and department heads. These lunches are open to the industry at large and are usually attended by between 80 and 200 participants.

RA also convenes regular, more intimate 'single table' lunches and dinners with key decision-makers, ministers and CEO's. These are free but limited to Roads Australia members and their guests.

Our regular policy workshops are also free, and bring together representatives from the public and private sectors of the industry to discuss real industry issues and practical outcomes.

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Who can join?

Roads Australia's membership embraces all companies, agencies and organisations with an interest in Australian road transport.

We also welcome other industry associations who already represent their members in the road sector. Through RA these organisations can maximise their level of engagement across the industry.

The Benefits of Membership

Roads Australia provides an outstanding forum for industry players who want to stay in touch with each other and the process of policy formulation.


Roads Australia was officially recognised by the Federal Government in March 2005 as the national peak body for road transport stakeholders. Roads Australia is the natural industry contact when it comes to matters of national industry importance.

  • Membership of Roads Australia identifies participants as the principal players in Australia's road system.


Roads Australia embraces the leading stakeholders in the industry. No other body in the industry has so many.

  • Roads Australia provides outstanding access to the largest players.
  • Roads Australia provides a 'quality' networking opportunity.


Roads Australia is the only national body covering the entire road transport sector. It includes other peak industry bodies and government agencies that don't join other industry associations.

  • Roads Australia provides a "one stop shop" for the road transport sector.
  • Roads Australia offers access to stakeholders who cannot be reached through other industry bodies.
  • Roads Australia provides outstanding opportunity to reach customers and clients.


Roads Australia's diverse calendar of events provides an unparalleled industry networking experience.

  • The top people come because the top people come.


RA members keep abreast of what's happening in their industry via our own fortnightly e-newsletter, the Insider.

  • If you're not receiving the Insider, you're not in the loop.


Roads Australia has regular activities in all states, including policy workshops, lunches, forums and conferences.

  • Roads Australia offers a vibrant national program that delivers constant activity in return for membership.


Roads Australia's is not an advocacy organisation.  Instead, we provide the mechanism to influence the national agenda by bringing all sides together inside our 'tent'. This collaborative (rather than adversarial) approach enables our members to discuss real issues openly and honestly with decision-makers, focussing on practical outcomes.

  • Roads Australia provides members with the opportunity to influence national policy development at the highest level.

Value for Investment

Roads Australia does not duplicate the services of other industry associations (e.g. IR advice, training, sectional advocacy). Roads Australia has a small staff focused on highly specific services. Roads Australia is a not-for-profit company owned and managed by a Board of its own members.

  • Roads Australia membership offers excellent value.

Membership Fees

Annual fees are based on turnover as follows:

  • Revenue greater than $100m - $25,500 including GST
  • Revenue more than $50m and less than $100m - $15,300 including GST
  • Up to $50m - $10,200 including GST
  • Industry Association (NFP) - $5,100 including GST

How to Join

If you'd like to find out more about membership, please  email our Operations Director, Lauren Streifer, or call her on (03) 9821 5255.