Mission Statement

  • To advance the efficiency, development and national priority of Australia's road transport system as a major national asset which underpins the social, economic and cultural fabric of the nation.
  • To provide an effective and responsible vehicle for contributing to the development of industry and public policy.
  • To address issues of national, community and stakeholder interest in relation to road transport, including (but not limited to) infrastructure, safety, innovation, research and management.
  • To provide national stakeholder representation at a level consistent with peak bodies in other industries of critical national importance.

Roads Australia members share a strong commitment to the well-being and advancement of Australia's road transport network. As the road transport industry peak body, Roads Australia presents the views of stakeholders to Government and the community. Although Roads Australia does no pursue sectional or political issues in relation to specific sectors or stakeholder groups, it actively represents the "ultimate interests" which its members have in common. These interests embrace the most fundamental issues affecting road transport in Australia.