Roads Australia's policy priorities are discussed by members and advanced through the workings of four distinct Policy Chapters.  Each Chapter meets regularly around the country, bringing together industry and public sector members to advance these issues. The Chairs of each Chapter report through the Board.

Roads Australia's current policy priorities are:

  • A national management regime which achieves a joint effort and purpose between governments at federal, state and local levels;
  • Infrastructure funding based on a bi-partisan assessment of national needs - with long term planning and financial commitment on a sustainable basis which transcends year to year budget cycles;
  • A transparent system of national road accounts for road infrastructure expenditure at all levels of government and the private sector;
  • Consistent state reporting;
  • Within the network the Commonwealth should continue to assume funding responsibility for national roads until an agreed and coordinated regime can be established.
  • Increased attention to the maintenance backlog on the existing network;
  • Sustained, significant and bi-partisan commitment to research and road safety;
  • Programs which support the industry's future workforce needs;
  • Mechanisms for industry consultation;
  • International benchmarking;
  • Enhanced public profile for road transport


Roads Australia comprises companies, associations and government agencies with an interest in road transport across Australia. It is a not-for-profit limited liability company owned by the members. The day to day business of Roads Australia is managed by a Secretariat under the direction of a Board elected annually by the members.

More information on current Board members and Secretariat


Policy Chapters


CHAIR - Michael Bushby, General Manager - Infrastructure Services, Leighton Contractors

DEPUTY CHAIR - Phil Davies, Director - Infrastructure Advisory, Asia Pacific, AECOM



CHAIR - Scott Olsen, Executive General Manager NSW, Lend Lease Engineering

DEPUTY CHAIR - Dan Reeve, General Manager - Transport, SMEC Australia


Transport reform network

CHAIR - Dennis Cliche, Managing Director, ConnectEast


sustainability CHAPTER

CHAIR - John Pitt, Managing Director, pitt&sherry

DEPUTY CHAIR - Jay Stricker, Technical Director, Environment, Water and Civil Infrastructure Group, AECOM