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National pipeline a welcome resource for industry, says RA

Inspired by Roads Australia’s own Pipeline webpage, the Federal Government has launched its much anticipated National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS) website.

The NICS website - - responds to long-standing industry calls, led by Roads Australia, for a national, published pipeline of major infrastructure projects.

The absence of such a published pipeline drove Roads Australia to begin publishing its own east coast Pipeline of major road projects two years ago.

The template created by RA has subsequently been acknowledged as an important reference for the new NICS.

“After years of talking to governments about the importance of a national published pipeline, Roads Australia is delighted the Commonwealth has taken this important step,” says RA President, David Stuart-Watt.

“How useful the NICS ultimately proves to be will depend on the level of information provided, how often it is updated, and how far ahead it looks.

“Our members need a three-to-five year window on what major road projects are coming to market to be able to efficiently plan their resources and submit tenders that deliver the best value.

“This is a great first step.  We would encourage all the government partners involved to continue to work towards making it as transparent and forward-focussed as possible.”

Mr Stuart-Watt says Road Australia will continue publishing its own Pipeline webpage for the foreseeable future.

“The RA Pipeline is specifically focused on road projects and has proven to be a useful tool that supplements the business development activities of our members,” he says.

“We would hope that once the NICS is firmly established there will no longer be a need for a dedicated road industry pipeline.”

Submitted by Mark Bowmer on Tuesday May 22nd 2012 9:58am