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Future Leaders News


From the RA Fellows Council

July 2020


Part One of the Fellowship Mid-Year Workshop brought together our 2020 cohort for an RA policy briefing and to begin work on their group projects.

April 2020


RA has decided to split the Mid-Year workshop in to two parts to allow for a face-to-face component in mid 2020.

Dec 2019

Roads Australia welcomed the 2020 Fellows at the November Induction and Annual Dinner, and fare-welled the 2019 Fellows.

Oct 2019

Sydney hosted its second Young Professionals event for 2019 where attendees heard about two of the biggest projects coming up in Sydney.

July 2019

In Victoria, the Council has held an early morning breakfast in Melbourne’s CBD, and in NSW an after works drinks session with great attendance from the Fellows.

March 2019

This year, we are expanding our leadership engagement activities to ensure Fellows, past and present, get the best out of the Program and Roads Australia network.

Dec 2018

This year we welcomed another 31 Fellows to take our overall cohort to 140, a number that is increasingly gaining recognition from the RA Board and wider industry as being unquestionably the future of what we are and what we want to be.

Oct 2018

RA’s 2018 Queensland Fellows have recently got ‘up close and personal’ with one of the State’s largest and highest priority road projects - the $1.6 billion Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC).

June 2018


The Mid-Year Workshop held in May focused on building the leadership capabilities of our 2018 Fellows through a series of interactive sessions and discussions with government and industry executives.

March 2018

With a Fellowship of 108 people now engaged, we will this year focus on ensuring the leadership development and long-term engagement of our Fellows continues to strengthen.