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Helping build a diverse, inclusive industry

Roads Australia seeks to champion a diverse, inclusive, sustainable and values-led organisation and industry. We aim to support our industry to be high performing, responsible and inclusive, with a culture of contribution.


Our objectives

  • To increase D&I within RA by ensuring our speakers, attendees, thought-leadership and overarching values set examples for those we represent.
  • To increase D&I across industry by bringing people together to cross-promote best practice initiatives, as well as the wider social impact in transport planning and investment.
  • To improve accountability by holding ourselves and others accountable for change.

To drive these objectives, the Roads Australia Board has convened a Diversity Sub-Committee. The Committee has four key focus areas:

Engaging and retaining women

  • Increasing female representation across RA.
  • Promoting equality including pay and flexibility across the industry.
  • Improving attractiveness of the industry to attract and retain more women.

Supporting indigenous engagement 

  • Increasing engagement with indigenous industry participants.

Maximising Social value  

  • Linking skilled refugees and migrants with employment opportunities.
  • Supporting government social procurement polices.

Fostering young talent 

  • Engage and encourage emerging leaders
  • Provide mentoring opportunities


How we'll get there

  • Bringing government and industry together to share innovative ways of thinking that results in inclusive procurement practices (beyond targets and social procurement). RA is particularly engaged with Victoria's Major Transport Infrastructure Authority and Transport for NSW and will continue to maintain frequent communication on joint D&I initiatives.
  • Bringing together other industry groups to commit to shared D&I principles, cross-promote research and successful initiatives, and influence values change as a cohesive group
  • Supporting the NSW/VIC Construction Industry Cultural Taskforce and engaging industry to support their recommendations.
  • Using our Capacity Policy Stream to address the poor image of industry and encourage attraction and retention of diverse employees.


An example of D&I in action at RA

As part of Roads Australia’s diversity and inclusion strategy, we are committed to actively seeking to retain women, and skilled people more broadly, in the industry.

Research indicates that a large percentage of women who leave engineering and construction to take care of children feel they struggle to return to work because of the connection lost during their leave.

To offset this, RA offers up to five complimentary parental leave seats per major industry event, encouraging those on leave to stay connected to peers and up-to-date with industry trends.

This has been hugely successful in ensuring networks aren’t lost and improving the confidence of those who have been on extended leave as they return to work.

To access these tickets, please email directly.