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Fellows research projects

The objective of the RA Fellowship is to develop the future leaders of our industry.  

To support this goal, and as part of the annual program, our Fellows are asked to work in groups on a research project that demonstrates their:

  • understanding of key issues and challenges faced by industry,
  • ability to work together on a collective response, 
  • ability to apply presentation skills taught during the mid-year workshop;
  • ability to communicate a convincing argument to key stakeholders, and develop feasible implementation solutions for RA. 

The 2020 research task

In 2020, each of our six teams was tasked with developing an implementable plan to address primary intervention for white collar workers to improve mental health in order to improve the health and sustainability of our workforce. 

They were asked to choose a piece of work to redesign in either the design/planning or delivery phase, implement a trial, and report on the findings. 

Each team prepared a detailed report and presented its findings in a 10-minute presentation and Q&A session prior to the Fellows Annual Dinner.

Following a rigorous scoring process, Group 1 from NSW was announced as the 2020 winner, receiving an extension to their 'golden ticket' in 2021 and an invitation to share their initiative nationally with the RA Newtork. Group 1 comprised:

  • Alan Ninan, RPS
  • Linda Hafez, WSP
  • Hayley Davis, HKA
  • Philippe Vienot, Arcadis Australia Pacific
  • Matt Aldrick, Seymour Whyte

The research work by the 2020 Fellows will contribute to the 2021 Policy Stream work and Fellowship Projects. 

2020 research papers

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Group 3 (QLD) - CLICK HERE

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