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RA Chapter members provide input into proposed national metadata standard

March 4, 2016 - Members of Roads Australia's Network Reliability and Capacity chapters have provided valuable feedback and support for Austroads' strategic project to establish a harmonised road asset data standard for Australia and New Zealand.

Some 80 Chapter members and stakeholders attended our workshop at RMS' offices in North Sydney on March 2, providing feedback on various aspects around the creation, implementation and evolution of the new standard. 

Austroads has been working on this national metadata harmonisation initiative since 2014, and says it will deliver a range of positive cost benefits around maintenance/investment, as well as internal savings on data collection.

The focus of the project is on road management and investment. The object is to identify key data fields for standardisation to support road management and investment functions across a wide range of organisations, including funders, regulators, grants commissions, government agencies, data suppliers, software vendors etc.

Austroads is keen to better understand what is important to public and commercial sector organisations in developing the new standard, the challenges of adoption and how the standard can evolve to best meet business needs - hence the Roads Australia workshop.

Further consultation is scheduled through to May, with a draft standard document due for release in July.  

Roads Australia will continue to keep members informed as the project meets its milestones. For more information, contact our Policy Director, Mandi Mees.

Below: Participants at the metadata workshop listen to the introduction from RA Capacity Chapter Deputy Chair, Dan Reeve.


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