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Fellows and Mentors resources

Below are a suite of resources to assist our 2021 Fellows and Mentors in maximising the value of their time and support ongoing activities:

2021 Program Resources

CLICK HERE for the 2021 Mid Year Booklet 

CLICK HERE for the 2021 Mid Year Workshop Slides

CLICK HERE for the 2021 Project Only Booklet

CLICK HERE for 2021 Induction Pack


2021 Project resources

• 2020 Project - Group 1 – Workload management (focus on work hours review)

• 2020 Project - Group 2 – MHTake5 Tool

Swinburne Report - Measuring the psychological impact of work-related stress and related occupational factors in the Australian infrastructure construction industry

La Montagne – Developing a systems approach to job stress

ANZJP framework - to create more mentally healthy workplaces

RA submission into the Royal Commission in to Victoria’s Mental Health System

Watch Luke Downey, presentation to 2020 Fellows

Off the Shelf mood data tools

QR code survey sample and instruction guide - Note this is a ZIP file for your in house developer


General Mentoring Resources

CLICK HERE for Some Agenda Suggestions for One on One

CLICK HERE for One to One Monthly Worksheet

CLICK HERE for Meeting Preparation

CLICK HERE for 1-2-1 Preparation Sheet

CLICK HERE for Issue Presentation Format


Fellows TV