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Roads Australia Event Details

RA Spotlight on Safety (Melbourne)

03/05/2019 09:30 to 03/05/2019 16:30

Venue: Peninsula C, Central Pier, 161 Harbour Esplanade

Roads Australia has identified Road and Road Worker Safety as our industry’s number one priority. Implicit with that recognition is the understanding that safety is everyone's business, and that we have a responsibility to share good practice and successful outcomes for the benefit of not just the industry but the community as a whole.

Our Spotlight on Safety is all about doing just that. We highlighted the things that are being done well (and those that need significantly more attention) in areas like:

  • road worker safety
  • mental health
  • road trauma
  • vehicle safety
  • road user safety
  • road infrastructure

We heard firsthand from people who are ‘leading from the front’. And by providing a public platform to share their personal stories and learnings, we hope to not just inspire but also reinforce the message that safety is everybody’s business: we are simply not doing our job if we are not doing it safely.  

This was a free event but would encourage a donation to the SARAH Group to support its life-changing work in the road safety space.

Learn more about their Road Safety Week campaign

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