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RA By Invitation evening dinner with John Hardwick (Sydney)

22/09/2020 18:30 to 22/09/2020 21:30

Venue: Doltone House (TriBeCa)


Join us as we host Executive Director of the Asset Management Branch for Transport for NSW, John Hardwick, for a discussion on investment prioritisation, planning, asset management, operations, maintenance and performance.




   Global expertise, local delivery.


John Hardwick, Executive Director, Asset Management Branch, Transport for NSW

John is the Executive Director of the Asset Management Branch at Transport for NSW and is responsible for leading and enabling transport service outcomes for customers and communities through effective whole of life asset management.  John was previously the Executive Director, Sydney Division for the former Roads and Maritime Services where he lead the division’s first Strategic Asset Management Plan and the implementation of full battery electric vehicles into Sydney division’s passenger fleet.  John has a background of over 30 years in asset management within the electricity and transport industries, is a passionate leader of organisational improvement in asset and operational risk management and has implemented world class asset management strategies and systems to manage risk and provide value for customers and communities.

John is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and serves as a board member for numerous global and Australian asset management organisations and co-authored the book Living Asset Management. In 2018 John was awarded the MESA medal by the Asset Management Council. The MESA Medal is awarded to an individual who has personally contributed at the highest level to the advancement of the science and/or practice of asset management.



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