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About policy

Every year, Roads Australia reviews and resets its national policy objectives, in line with those of our key industry and government stakeholders. These objectives align under four key policy action areas:

Click on the image to download our 2018 CEO Agenda.

National policy priorities

RA and its member partnership of industry and road agencies have outlined their shared commitment to pursuing common policy objectives in 2018, as follows:

2018 RA National Policy Priorities

  1. Road safety and roadworker safety
  2. Improved procurement efficiency
  3. Effective risk management in major projects
  4. Future transport
  5. A long-term infrastructure pipeline
  6. Nationally consistent delivery models
  7. Diversity and inclusion
  8. Increasing capacity and skills.
  9. Network and asset management for the future

Come inside our tent

Roads Australia provides free, regular opportunities for our public and private sector members to come together in our policy chapters to drive practical policy outcomes. 

Every RA member can play a role working with government and industry partners ‘inside the tent’ to build policy solutions. 

Contribute to policy as it develops, meet and interact with policy and decision makers, table a new idea or case study, network actively with a diverse set of government and industry participants, reconnect with industry peers, facilitate policy discussion and take the lead in problem solving and solution development.

To get involved, come along to one of our events. Please contact a member of our Policy team below for more information.

Our team

Natalie Collard

Executive Director, Policy & Government

0413 009 373

Alex Stott

Policy Manager

0449 557 608

Anna Jabour

Director, Policy Partnerships

0403 322 992