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Transport Reform

TR leadership


Aneetha de Silva
Managing Director - Government ANZ

Deputy Chair

Mandi Mees
Executive Leader - Safety
National Transport Commission


Our focus

A new transport landscape is emerging in Australia today - one where users shape the solutions, and both public and private enterprises co-exist to design, build, operate and maintain a national network of integrated, customised mobility solutions.

Coupled with that, fast evolving automated vehicle and energy technology and shared peer-to-peer market opportunities are changing the face of public and private transport.

Our Transport Reform policy stream is broadly focused on how we can best maximise the opportunities and respond to the challenges, ensuring all Australians derive equal benefit from these new and exciting transport scenarios.

International study visits

Our 2019 delegation visited the US and Canada, gaining invaluable insights into collaborative approaches, strategies, innovative thinking and solutions that could be adopted to meet Australia’s future transport and city planning challenges.   Read the Future Transport: Smart Cities report.

In September 2018, RA led its second international study visit - this time to Asia to explore the challenges and opportunities around 'future transport'. We concluded that Australia needs to shift its focus away from private vehicles and increase its investment in mass transit systems.  Read the Cities for the Future report.

In April 2017, RA led its first global study visit, comprising senior government and transport industry officials, to North America, the UK and Europe to find out how jurisdictions were preparing for the driverless roll-out.    Read the report, Preparing for the Driverless Revolution.


Download presentations and reports from our recent workshops and events.